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Create a crystal clear vision of what it is you want!

Figure out what you want + how (& where) to start to take the right action to make the right dreams come true first.

Do you want to know exactly what you want and have a plan to make it happen (which is just a few bullet points long, not a never-ending list)?

Do you want to be working on WAY less things and know that you're working on the right things (which is supported by results)?

And do you want more enjoyment + inspiration while you're doing it?

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If you're struggling with overwhelm and feel like your to-do list has no end, but you don't know where to pay attention anymore and what's the next action that will actually bring you results, you're in the right place.

For years it felt like I was constantly busy, yet when I looked back, I'd discover it's a little bit like I was spinning in circles and I'd say yes to one thing, but then wouldn't fully follow-through and start doing something else I had also said yes to... and I wouldn't end up anywhere nearer my dreams and goals happening.

Don't get me wrong, I WAS doing things, I was busy, I was having some success. But with not enough clarity and follow-through, I'd end up doubting myself and changing my mind before the project would even be finished enough to reap the actual rewards I was craving.

So instead of more time, more results (sales/products/profits), and more ease, I'd work reactively to what would happen in a day. Results? I was worried about whether I'm working on the right thing, questioning what I'm doing and being so busy doing all the things that were on my to-do list, that I wouldn't get to do what I actually WANTED to do.
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You want to see progress in your life. But how to do that if you don't know WHAT you want exactly, or HOW or WHERE to start?

Instead of sitting at your laptop for long hours, working on things all over the place, feeling frustrated and anxious, and praying for a breakthrough...  you want to finally be able to have a clear plan, follow-through with it and know exactly where to start, and see some visible results. 

Otherwise, day after day goes by, month after month, and year after year and while you're making some progress, some of your goals seem to be nowhere nearer achievement, and it seems like a year passes and you find yourself in the same place, wondering about the same things, and working towards the same goals.

Which inevitably makes you question your plan, or your business, wondering about changing, but it feels overwhelming and frustrating to even think about how much work that will be to start from scratch. What if it never works?! And that kind of year after year delay in going for your biggest dreams has only one consequence: over time you become uninspired, you question whether you even have what it takes, and you do the worst thing imaginable... lower your bar. 

"Maybe I don't need ALL these things I once wanted?" (And if that's true, that's cool! Don't get me wrong! We can change our minds.) But if you're changing your mind from the place of feeling hopeless and feeling like you can't get where you've always wanted to go... that's not changing your mind, that's giving up. 

Telling yourself that "once this thing is done, THEN you're going to... xyz" has never worked. 

There will be another thing, and another, and you could just stay busy working on the to-do list that seems to be never-ending...

But there is another way. 

Imagine you know exactly what to do and where to start...

You know what to do. You have the bigger plan of where they’re going AND you have the smaller piece of what you need to start with and what project to focus on, so that you're not overwhelmed.

You know exactly what you’re working on next and you have the tools and systems in place to always be able to check-in and know if you're on the right path. You work on MUCH less things, but on things that bring actual results and make biggest changes. You're feeling inspired and jumping out of bed in the morning knowing you get to do the things you're going to do that day - because that's what you WANT to be doing. 

You know what’s important to you (without questioning it!) and you do those things, without getting lost in the busy work. You can take time off. You see results of your work and progress of how you're moving closer to your goals. You see results coming in (if you're entrepreneur, then that means more sales, more followers, growing email list). 
Because you have that inner sense of knowing that you’re on the right path, you're generally calmer, but you also know that it’s just a matter of time when you reach your goals. You KNOW it’s inevitable, you're on the right path and doing the work, and you see the results and changes happening around you already: more free time, less busy work, working on what’s important and seeing results on your goals (clients, sales, revenue, profit). You feel like you're finally on your path to being successful, and know that there is even more success available to you if you keep going and follow your clear plan.

You were born to be following your calling... and to KNOW what it is. 

It's your birthright to be happier, more at ease, and feel like you're doing something that matters. To be following your calling, and feeling lit up inside, as well as feeling more like yourself (rather than a workaholic robot whose only job is to work and make money). Don't get me wrong, money IS important, VERY, but it will come to you much more easily if it's through the work that you’re doing WHEN you're prioritising what is most important, and doing it with integrity, in alignment and with joy.

Then you can feel more grateful, have more free time and feel calm and certain deep down inside, knowing you’re on the right path. That's the state of being that attracts new opportunities and magnetises what you want towards you. 

Because you can be true to yourself AND be successful. 
You'll still work, but having clarity on your bigger and smaller steps means that it'll be so much easier to  prioritise your most important projects, so that there is still downtime, time to spend with your family and friends, time to take up personal projects (like dancing, gardening or baking... or whatever is relaxing to you), and still have new clients and sales coming in and projects being finished and bringing results you want.

Have you ever thought about how it would feel if your to-do list was short and manageable?  

Would you be less stressed and more at ease? (So not taking your overwhelm out on family/and shower others with love (AND time & capacity to receive love too)?

How would it feel to beclose ones -> yeah, we all do it when stressed.) Would your relationships improve, if you'd have time to spend quality time together so certain of what you need and what your next step is that you'd be asking for specific help if you needed it (without apologising, because you KNOW this is for the good of you AND your loved ones), and to be able to just do life with more conviction, ease and inner joy?

But if you don't solve this lack of clarity, if you don't cut cords with the never-ending to-do list and if you don't leave behind the creeping-in doubts and decreasing motivation...

If nothing changes (and soon!), you'll be staying in stress-mode, letting it affect your health and relationships, struggling to achieve what you want... If you don't do something about this soon, you're in danger of the most life- and energy-sucking thing there is: living uninspired, almost at the verge of giving up, not being able to do the things you once dreamt of doing, because you’re not making progress with your goals, sales, etc.

And, finally, staying anxious, overwhelmed and unhappy in everyday life means looking at days pass you by without any new ideas for how to change things up, eventually if you don’t change anything, you'll end up giving in and giving up, resenting yourself for  leaving all of this hard work AND the possibilities that came with it behind, in order to get a "normal life" of boring job and merely surviving day-by-day.

You've got what it takes to change all of that starting RIGHT NOW.

All you need is the tools and mindset shifts that will get you back on the right (inspired & aligned) track. 

Create a clear vision of what you want Masterclass a class where I’ll walk you through practical tools that will unlock the answers and let you tune in with the wisdom of your body and intuition, in order to guide you and show you what your bigger vision is, what your next steps should be, and what might be standing in the way.

Online Class

Access through a learning platform with your own account and watch from wherever you are, at your own schedule.

Take It At Your Pace

Take the class at your own pace, pause if you feel you need more time to take notes or finish a practice, and restart when you're ready.

Come Back To It Whenever You Want

Rewatch the class with new intentions or goals in mind whenever you want, to gain clarity on new subjects.

After this class you’ll walk away with:

clarity on your bigger vision and what you actually want: for yourself and all the different areas of your life (family, career, etc.),

actionable next steps for how to get from where you are now to achieve that bigger vision that you’ll map out,

- the underrated, yet completely transformative focus on what you desire, rather than a list of things you don’t want, so that you can start transforming your life starting right after the class,

- mindset shifts needed so that you can actually start implementing your vision now and get out of that place of stuckness once and for all,

- and a sense of direction for all your next steps, so that you can set your inner-GPS to that destination and start moving towards your goals immediately.


- you can take the class from anywhere (it's all online, you get your own login details to access it and you can take it at your own time),

- it’s actually relaxing and fun (who knew you could be transforming your situation from the feelings of stuckness and frustration to clarity and confidence without sweat and tears!?),

- and probably most importantly - it’s damn effective - I guarantee it.

The tools, strategies and mindset shifts from this class will help you uncover everything you actually want and create next steps for how to bring it about.
But I want the right people joining this class (so that we don’t waste each other’s time). So please read the points below carefully and take them into consideration before making your decision.

Please do not join this class if:

- you’re not ready to change your current circumstances and actually are comfortable in a place where you get to complain about your situation to friends and family,

- you’re not open to try new things and apply tools you might not have used in the past (like guided meditation, tuning into your intuition or journaling) to get to your answers,

- you like to look for reasons why something won’t work before you actually try it, which would lead to you not benefiting from this class as you have to participate to see the results.

But this class is for you if:

- you’re ready to get out of the place of being stuck and create a plan for what actions you need to take next,

- you’re ready to accept the responsibility for not having figured out what you want sooner, forgive yourself, and move past that, clearing the way for the next steps of your path to unfold,

- you’re excited to uncover what you want, to gain clarity and confidence and to find out more about what’s important to you, where you want to go and how to get there.

Want to get started uncovering what your next steps should be?

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You've got questions, I've got answers...

On working with me via one of my previous courses sharing tools to get out of overwhelm: 

Katy Moses Huggins

Kat shows so many good tricks for reframing my mindset in ways that bring me back to the present moment. I'd recommend this to anyone who's feeling stressed, overwhelmed or unhappy. This is a great way to come back to you and to what's important to you. 

The mistake most people make when don't know what they want exactly and where to get started is that they think they'll "plan" and "think" themselves OUT of that place.

But if you've been planning things and creating multiple to-do list in multiple scheduling tools, but you're not making progress on your dreams and goals, OR you're no longer even sure if you know what those are...

The way out of overwhelm, stress and lack of results is not by doing more of the same. It's not waiting for the day when you finally reach the end of your to-do list (because, let's be honest, it grows faster than it becomes smaller, so it's a lost race from the start). 

If you are committed to changing this, you'll need to do things a different way. You don't know what you don't know. So instead of wasting years of your life trying to figure out what will finally make a difference, you could ask for help.

You could get some 1-on-1 Coaching from a productivity or mindset coach to work towards those objectives - those packages start at min. $3,000.

If you've got a business, you could work with someone with that particular experience to help you move you forward. Working with me on your business 1-on-1 to get clarity on your priorities and implement changes starts at $5,500/month.

But by NOT focusing on creating an exact vision of what you want (+ knowing where to start), you are not making progress towards your dreams. You could already be making the kind of sales, money and having impact that you want, you could already be living the lifestyle that you visualise - and you could have it much sooner if you took the time to get clear on what you want and map out how to get there + started implementing the steps that will make the biggest difference (and not your entire to-do list).

By NOT deciding to stop what you’re doing right now and taking the time to rethink your path, and implement the tools and strategies that will change the way you make decisions (every day) you could be stuck in this reactionary mode for years to come, not moving closer to your goals (financial and otherwise), your dreams and it could lead to burn-out and loss of inspiration.

If you want to take advantage of what clarity can do for your dreams' timeline, and you're ready to boost your progress by knowing exactly what you should (and shouldn't) be focusing on, I invite you to take my Clarity Masterclass via one of the options below:

Clarity Masterclass


Pay-in-full or 2x$69 Payment Plan

  • go through the Clarity Masterclass via a pre-recorded class for you to take at a time most convenient for you,
  • two separate audio files with practices from the masterclass, so that you can tune into clarity and find your answers any time you want, without needing to redo the whole masterclass each time (just add the audios to your phone or iPod).

Going through Clarity Masterclass via two LIVE 1-on-1 Coaching calls


(Only 10 spots available)

  • Go through the Clarity Masterclass practices LIVE during two 1-on-1 Coaching calls,
  • two separate audio files with practices from the masterclass, so that you can tune into clarity and find your answers any time you want, without needing to relisten to the call recordings each time (just add the audios to your phone or iPod).

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I KNOW that if you're feeling stuck and don't know what you should be doing, I've got the tools and practices to help you. In fact, I am so certain that I can help you that I don't want any doubts if this will work for you be the reason you don't join. Which is why if you complete the masterclass and decide this isn’t for you, I will give you your money back.

Terms & conditions: you have 30 days from the day of purchase to request a refund by submitting proof of having done the work (pictures or scans of your notes showing you have gone through the class and did the practices). If you show that you’ve put in the work, but believe it didn’t change anything for you, we will give you your money back.

If you buy before midnight PDT on this Friday, you'll also get these two BONUSES:

7 day quick start audio guide

to make sure you not only complete the masterclass and the exercises, but also get into a habit of using what you learnt (your clear goals and vision) in planning your days

Daily planner that keeps you on course with the clarity (printable, or digital)

so that you don’t have to buy any more planners.***

***I know this statement above can be controversial if you LOVE planners. So hear me out: I used to buy every planner I found and loved (and I AM a stationery addict, basically). If you have one planner you use and love, then this daily planner can only improve what you're already doing. But if, like me, you have ten planners for one and the same year, none of them really finished, I'll show you how to fix this so that instead you can keep everything in one place and develop a system that will make sure you stay on course. DON'T WORRY: you can still buy pretty stationery for your journaling, doodling, or whatever else you want. But you'll know how to create a system that works for your productivity, without being slowed down by a backpack full of half-used planners. ;)

Join before Friday midnight PDT to get two exclusive bonuses:
7 day clarity audio guide + daily planner!









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In case we haven't met before...

Hi, I’m Kat Bern.

And I invite you to join me on this journey of changing: your way of thinking, mindset and subconscious reprogramming, so that you can feel free, playful, joyful and full of life.

Whatever it is that you want, whether that’s having more than enough money, abundant savings, amazing health, rich life, fulfilling work, or a passionate relationship, I teach practices and classes that will let you create a vision for what it is that you want, and then clear blockages that might be standing in the way of you achieving those goals, so that you can instead allow this flowing vibrant energy into your life and manifest all your desires into your everyday reality.

I myself have built a successful 6-figure business from scratch, and on the way learnt tools and practices that (I discovered!) are common amongst successful business owners. Now I divide my time between running that business AND translating those same practices that helped me build it into tools that can be used in everyday life, so that you can benefit from them, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. Because if we all learn to elevate our own lives in a sustainable way, everyone will benefit.

Join before Friday midnight PDT to get two exclusive bonuses:
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Let me show you how. 

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